Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MAGIX Edit Pro 2015 Plus Full +

Download MAGIX Edit Pro 2015 Plus Full + (433.56 MB)
MAGIX Edit Pro 2015 Pro - the new eration of editing - a powerful, fast and efficient. Along with all the benefits of the Plus version, the Premium version includes an extensive selection of exclusive bonus programs and cinematic special effects. Turn your PC into a fully-equipped studio editing.
MAGIX Edit Pro is different from previous versions noticbly incrsed productivity. Operations on import s in AVCHD now run 40% faster than before. Using the resources of the GPU when processing effects guarantees a 90 percent performance boost. A rendering projects AVCHD Full HD takes half the time.
With the proposed annex lyubitel can import high-definition with the most modern cameras HDV and AVCHD (in the new version includes support for several new models including the Olympus OM-D). Amateur , consisting of three dozen individual tracks, you can sily turn into a media product of professional quality with overlays, titles, effects, transitions and spectacular visual effects.
The appliion now includes improved tools for hromakeing and users familiar with previous versions of MAGIX Edit Pro, be sure to celebrate an optimized product interface that simplifies the implementation of some operations. For example, the authors will be able to play and edit s directly from the library «Media Pool».
The impressive list of ftures includes enhanced support for DirectX 11, support the new standard AVCHD Progressive (50p), additional tools for crting and editing titles, ability to export H.264 and much more.Download Advanced editing:
- New mode when entering text to maintain the desired layout ar
- Fast entry line in the title parameter
- Handle the monitor in a convenient, small and big names
- Processing performance ranking
- Presentation to favorites font selection
- sy and accurate sample font using mouse wheel
- The development of templates
- Jump button for fast processing series title track
- Name of the settings can be applied to the selection of a few names of the object
- It is sier to track and save the object representation in combination with - / Audio-Objekten
- System tab of all open project
- Expand the menu in the menu and file management tabs
- Fast access to view, crop and import media pool
- Switch to preview the quality on the screen
- Advance HD quality material default "half resolution" for the best viewing performance and smarter adaptation logic

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