Tuesday, May 17, 2016

How Google Used To Smack Down -- Twice

is giant. It employs 427,000 staff, has an annual turnover in excess of $270bn and assets of $600bn sprd across over 80 business units. And Googlejust floored it twice using as a baseball bat.
On the surface having 81 per cent of Android marketsharewould seem to make Google and best buddies. has been the driving force behind Android’s meteoric growth and put Google mobile devices in pole position.
The problem is wanted too much credit. It wasn’t enough for to make the most popular Android and tablets, it had to hide Android – and consequently Google’s role in its achievement. It did this using ‘TouchWiz’, the company’s proprietary skin which painted over all aspects of Android lving it unrecognisable. To the casual consumer they were buying ‘a ’, Google’s role was largely unrecognised.
Then things got worse. began degrading Android performance by switching out vast parts of the software – phone dialler, calendar, email client, contacts, notifiion center, music and player, voice control and much more – for its own apps. Reviews were largely negative with TouchWiz and its bloatware slowing down Android, wasting storage space and the replacement apps were seen as inferior or, worse still, needless gimmicks.
then ed this further. It put TouchWiz on its smart s, another market it dominates, and began building its own Android rival – Tizen – which, thanks to its TouchWiz interface, looks identical to the casual observer. The long term strategy was clr: switch over to Tizen and take the majority of the handset market with it. Google had to act.

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