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Download iTunes - Connecting iOS to PC
iTunes is the multimedia software, which is used to connect the iOS device to your computer via iTunes, users can access the app store, gaming.Besides owning music stores, with sound quality and high picture that iTunes becomes hot as ever.
iTunes users are familiar with the use of products, a utility that helps users to connect to the app store, games, useful utilities.iTunes supports operating systems such as and Mac, including the version of iTunes andiTunes for Mac.Users of iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad integrated iTunes StoreNew Ftures of iTunes version
- ITunes version enhance performance, enabling users to handle manipulation sier- Faster access to all media including music, and online show with just one click ..- Browse the website a lot simpler- Sharing effective
iTunes brings iTunes Player engine is the music and s conveniently while storing and organizing your music library in a scientific way.Whether you own a massive music collection anywhere, you just need to put them into a library, organize them any way you want or migrate to portable devices like iPhone, iPad to enjoy any whenever desired.ITunes Player you can play any collection of music files with the control function is extremely simple, crisp sound quality smooth.You are provided with the radio station online, watch television online, podcast channels in HD quality.iTunes integrating lit srch engine allows you to find any information desired song through word filtering.You can also listen to music and watch s on the browser without downloading.If you want to download them to listen to on your computer, iTunes will automatically save the song to the list based on the theme have been made ​​available to the need, you just go to the library and go to the directory containing song.You can find files based on the song name, album name, artist, re, , playlist, radio, television programs ...iTunes Store iTunes offers online software store with millions of apps, games, songs, various s with good quality for you to download and use, which has a lot of useful programs for your computer.A rather unique function of iTunes is that you can view and monitor the ranking of world music of every week, the information activities of the idols which you are interested or simply a book you are waiting for the new episode.Step into the world of entertainment giant iTunes, you'll be immersed in diverse repositories games including today's hottest games.iTunes has the ability to synchronize data music, s and appliions between computers and iOS devices such as contacts, photos, calendars, s, e-mail so you can edit this information on a computer or sy access to the data on the handset.This fture also helps you crte a backup for your important data.iTunes supports up to 5GB of data storage, a large storage space with little tool support.It can be said, iTunes is a versatile tool with which you can convert all messy and complied things become much simpler.

Compared with the software supports connectivity to computers iOS asLwo iTransfer,MediaWidget sy iPod Transferis iTunes always be appreciated more by the speed and the media giant letter hisThe main fture of iTunes

* iTunes Player - Support play music

- music collection giant:

Player iTunes store all the music, s and television programs in the world focusing in the same loion.Instd of arranging and recording them in a , but now you can import directly into iTunes Media files, quickly browse through all the files in your list.The files are organized and placed in the loion where you want to move and use it on portable devices like iPhone, iPad.So you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.- A program of music helpful:Using iTun transceiver to any one song, one in the computer's memory or on the list of music that it offers.They cover all the functions of a media player should have as Play / Stop / Pause, or you can view detailed information concerning music file.Or you can keep track of radio stations across the waves online radio, podcast and watching programs in HD.- Find songs sily:By typing a word in ch field (song name, album name, artist, re, s , playlists, radio stations, programs), the results returned are countless songs, related s to help you choose sily one of your favorite music files stored on your playlist.- Broadcast songs, s right in the browser:iTunes lets play a song right, right in the browser, that way you can listen to entire songs and s without downloading.- Automatically save music to the list management:Any song or album is downloaded automatically be added to the list of new management programs.You can sort the playlist by topic, different res such as rock, R & B, Pop ... Demonstrating his favorite for a song by votes from standard one to five stars.* iTunes Store- Shop online software- Provides various appliions:iTunes Store as a whole includes millions of songs, s, apps like games, different software installed with nature The highest amount.Here you can find a lot of useful appliions that you need to use the computer as the phone has its iOS operating system.- Watch the music charts:One fture that the software does not have, you can see the list of songs in the world rankings in a week or review the standings at the rlier time.- Artist Information:Information about artists in the world and is updated regularly, reptedly, you will have more insight and capture all activities of your favorite artists, from their daily work, photographs, performances and more.- View Book Information:The information related to your favorite books are also displayed.Every week, the program will give the results see which books are best sellers help you choose the track, rd the best books.- Storage giant games:Games by manufacturer production and development will appr in the iTunes Store.You can srch by title games, the most played games.Results returned in seconds.* Everywhere iTunes (iCloud)- Data synchronization keeps the iOS device to the computer- Synchronize all data on your iOS device:iToolscapable of synchronously of all data on the device using the iOS operating system products, such as contacts, photos, calendar, , email, even Safari Bookmark.It not only synchronization but also backup the data from the device on the computer.- Storing large s of files on iCloud:iTunes supports up to 5GB of storage for mail, documents and not including backup file with the downloaded appliion such as music files, appliions, eBooks, photos ...- Share music files online:With itool you can share songs, available computer or iOS device directly to the network via the Internet without any public assistance program.
Download link- [131.32 MB]Click the link below to download the software
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